There are three optional workshops at PATT40, scheduled for 15:45-17:00 Wednesday 1st November 2023 (Day #2). There will be sign up sheets at the registration desk (in foyer of Blackburne Houses) on Day #1 (Tuesday 31st October), on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. We are grateful to our colleagues for offering such an interesting range of workshops to enhance the conference programme.


Animated film bridging science, technology, and art with the UN sustainable goals.

Room: Emma Holt Suite

Presenters: Barbro Bergfeldt, Erik Sjöstedt & Ulrika Sultan.

Summary: This is an interactive workshop where participants can experience making an animated short film using iPad and Stop Motion. By making a film the participants will be aware of the learning process and interaction between different disciplines. Participants will use clay to visualise what technology can be.

Numbers: max. 10


Comics as Pedagogy: Ways of Knowing, Expressing and Communicating.

Room: June Henfry Suite

Presenters: Jane Burn, Deaglán Campbell, Clodagh Reid, and Niall Seery.

Summary: This workshop is a collaborative effort among a technology educator, a designer, and a librarian, aiming to harness the power of comics for future thinking. Comics are viewed as an ideal medium for visualizing and communicating ideas, transcending textual literacy barriers. The workshop explores multiple approaches, from teaching students to create comics to using them as tools for teaching various subjects and levels. It emphasizes the accessibility and engagement comics offer, making complex information more understandable. The workshop seeks to bridge different disciplines, demonstrating how comics can be applied in technology, design, and library science, ultimately highlighting their value in education and fostering creativity.

Numbers: max. 20


Roundtable discussion on ‘Maker Education Meets Technology Education: Reflections on Good Practices’.

Room: Eleanor Rathbone Hall

Presenters: P John Williams, Marc de Vries, Remke Klapwijk, Wendy Fox-Turnbull, Jeff Buckley, HildaRuth Beaumont (formerly known as David Barlex) & Marten Westerhof.

Summary: During this roundtable discussion, two fields will meet, technology education with its long history, and Maker Education, a relative new shoot in the educational field. Both focus on learning through making and both value agency and motivation of learners. During the round table we will invite all participants to reflect with us on maker education practices across the world and relate these insights to technology education. The purpose of this session is to understand and analyse the kind of informal and formal educational activities that take place under the umbrella of the Maker Movement and then relate this to the field of Technology education to uncover what researchers, innovators and teachers in this field can learn from the principles, ideas and practices that are central to the Maker Movement and vice versa. The session is moderated by Remke Klapwijk, Delft University of Technology, and co-editor of book ‘Maker Education Meets Technology education; Reflections on Good Practices’.

Numbers: max. 35