We are delighted to have a number of academic posters being presented at PATT40, which there will be an informal opportunity to present 15:30-17:00 on Thursday 2nd November. The poster titles and authors are:

Using the Mirror as a Working Tool in Handicraft Education

Arvidsson, M., Kilbrink, N., Asplund, S-B.

A Pre-study of Two Design Methodologies in a Pre-service Teacher Education Activity

Boström, J. & Citrohn, B.

Teaching K-8 Children about the Internet Will Be Difficult: Preliminary Findings from a Mixed-Method Study

Brom, C., Yaghobová, A, Drobná, A. & Urban, M.

Developing a teaching chatbot for learning tools and equipment in technology classrooms

Cheng, Y-F. & Fan, S-C.

An Autoethnographic Reflection on New Educational Technologies in the Design and Technology Curricula from Schools in Dubai and England

Finnigan, S.

Five Years Construction Kits in Primary Schools: Results and Impacts of a Project to Facilitate Technology Education: an Evaluation Study

Fislake, M. & Schumacher, J.

Meta-analysis on Students’ Effects of Technology Education Classes under the South Korean National Curriculum

Kwon, H. & Lee, Y.

Development of System Modules for Children’s Games with Vision and Music-Based Interactive Real-Time Feedback Modules: A Design-Based Research Approach

Liu, F-Y. & Tzeng, S.

Effective Professional Development to Enhance the Teaching of Design and Technology: an On-going Small-scale Research Study

Pavlis, J.

Electronic Sentences: a Systems Development Tool for Young Children

Steeg, T. & Sedman, B.

Primary to Secondary Engineering Learning: A Framework for International Consideration

Strimel, G. & Lucas, D.

Design & Technology Education: What can we do to Influence Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Learning?

Strimel, G. & Lucas, D.

Technology Education Is Important for Achieving Sustainable Development

Sundler, M., Engström, S., Gullberg, A. & Lennholm, H.