“Diverse Experiences of Design and Technology Education for a Contemporary and Pluralist Society”

The PATT40 Conference Committee are delighted to announce that the theme for the 2023 conference is ‘diverse experiences of design and technology education for a contemporary and pluralist society’.

The conference theme and sessions are organised under four strands (click to expand descriptions):
STRAND 1: Diverse and inclusive ways of knowing and being in design and technology education (philosophy and culture)

This strand has a distinctive equality, diversity and inclusion focus. We envisage that submissions under this strand may focus on a range of research topics including philosophy, culture, gender, ethnicity, orientation, (dis)ability, socioeconomic status, etc. as they relate to design and technology education around the world.

STRAND 2: Exploring and advancing teaching and learning for design and technology education (curriculum, pedagogy and assessment) 

This stand focuses on design and technology curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. We encourage submissions of empirical research on approaches to the subject from different countries and education systems, including (but not limited to) action research, case studies, reflections, etc. on teaching and learning in the school classroom.

STRAND 3: Measuring impact of design and technology education in and beyond the classroom (evidence-based practice)

This strand calls for evidence of the impact that design and technology has beyond the school curriculum. We aim to foreground studies that reveal findings and offer conclusions to influence and build education policy at local, national and/or international levels.

STRAND 4: Approaches to teacher preparation and development in design and technology education (teacher education and development)

This strand is a space to share innovative and novel approaches to pre- and in-service teacher education and professional development. We welcome submissions from university and school based researchers involved with professional learning in design and technology.

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